Sweetgrass Psychological Services specializes in Collaborative Therapeutic Assessments. A Collaborative Therapeutic Assessment is a unique opportunity for an individual, couple, or family to gain a better understanding of their dilemmas and strengths. Whereas traditional assessments tend to end when information is gathered and conveyed, Collaborative Therapeutic Assessments provide an opportunity for growth and lasting change. A Collaborative Therapeutic Assessment starts with questions that an individual, couple, or family has about themselves and includes as process through which there is not only information but transformation. 

Individuals, couples, and families seek out Collaborative Therapeutic Assessments for a variety of reasons. Your therapist might refer you for one if you have gotten stuck in treatment. It may serve as the start of more intensive therapeutic engagement. It may be designed to help a family better understand why they have so much fun on vacation but can't seem to get along around the dinner table. Collaborative Therapeutic Assessments are designed with your particular needs in mind and are framed around the questions you pose about yourself, your child, or your family. 

To learn more about Therapeutic Assessment, visit this link to watch an informative video.


While Collaborative Therapeutic Assessments can be a helpful component to therapy, or an intervention in and of themselves, some people are seeking more traditional Psychological Evaluations. Sweetgrass Psychological Services is honored to offer the Flathead Valley Evaluations for the following: 

Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Intellectual Functioning
Neuropsychological Screening
Personality and Psychological Functioning
Parenting and Child Custody Evaluations
Disability Claims
Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
Hiring and Organizational Functioning
Marital Discord


If you are curious about psychological assessment, call us to schedule an initial consultation appointment. Assessments can vary from three to eight sessions, depending on the questions posed, and upon completion you will receive verbal and written feedback. Sweetgrass Psychological Services accepts Medicaid, Healthy Montana Kids Plus, Allegiance, Cigna, Pacific Source, Blue Cross / Blue Shield, and private pay. We will work with you as an out-of-network provider if you hold health insurance through a different provider. Fees for assessments vary significantly but pricing is typically based on my hourly rate of $175/hr, depending on the duration and complexity of your particular assessment. The fee will be discussed and agreed upon during our initial consultation appointment. For more information, contact Jen at (406) 298-5728. 


Contact: call: (406) 298-5728 or email.