Thank you for your interest in referring a patient or client to Sweetgrass Psychological Services.

Here, you can refer a client for a psychological or cognitive evaluation. These evaluations are often helpful in better understanding a client's clinical presentation, prognosis, and treatment planning. Please fill out the below form as clearly and thoroughly as possible to help with a speedy and efficient referral process. 

Did you know that Sweetgrass Psychological Services offers clinical consultation to other providers in the mental health field? Clinical consultation may be recommended, in place of, or in conjunction with, an evaluation to aid in the client's progress. If you are struggling with knowing how to help your client, or find yourself stuck in a particular therapeutic relationship, please feel free to contact Sweetgrass for clinical consultation. This path can be particularly helpful in cases in which there has been some prior testing and / or the provider has a good handle on diagnoses but simply is not seeing the progress one might expect or hope for. 


Thank you for filling out this form. Though we often have a waitlist, we make every effort to see patients in a timely manner. We will contact you when we have received the referral and your provider will request additional information as necessary.