Some people have described group as a "second chance family." Others, have explained group to be a chance to practice relationships - particularly around patterns we wish to shift. Group therapy, which may occur in addition to individual therapy, is an opportunity to deepen your sense of yourself and your relationships. We so often find ourselves in patterns which are familiar and comfortable, even when they don't serve us. Group therapy provides a safe, consistent, and secure space to explore the ways in which we feel stuck while we try out new ways of interacting. 
Group therapy is not just a support group, though in a healthy group you should receive support. Group therapy is also a place to receive feedback about how your actions impact others, a place to feel seen and understood, feel challenged to grow, and to increase your skill set for managing difficulties by seeing how other people handle their struggles. It is also typically less expensive than individual therapy so it might be more accessible to particular clients. 

Sweetgrass Psychological Services offers both Interpersonal Process Groups and Grief Groups. Contact Sara for more information. 

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