Whole-Hearted Parenting with Dr. Boilen

Being a parent is no easy task. Parents are also the most important people in a child's life. Perhaps you found your way to this site because you and your teenager are fighting more, or maybe your adopted child is struggling to attach, or your youngster has faced a traumatic event (for example: a car accident, a move, sexual abuse, or bullying).

I come to my work with children and families with over fifteen years of experience in a variety of settings. I bring extensive knowledge of physical, psychological, and emotional development as well as training in developmentally-appropriate interventions. 

I approach family therapy and parent-coaching from a stance of whole-hearted parenting. I work with children and parents to empower them to find their authentic voice and express it while also learning how to listen from the heart and connect deeply and meaningfully. Through whole-hearted interaction, you can show up for your child in the way she or he needs and feel more fulfilled, connected, and effective as a parent. 


What I offer: 

Having worked in a variety of settings with kids struggling with a range of difficulties, including bereavement, trauma, divorce, sibling rivalry, giftedness, illness, and separation anxiety, my work is rooted in experience and knowledge while my approach is playful, warm, and engaging. I can help you if you or your child is struggling with:   

Adoption or attachment issues
Anxiety or Depression
Attentional Issues and Hyperactivity
Health-related challenges
Learning Differences / Disabilities
Limit Setting and Boundaries
Mood Swings
Raising a Spirited Child

I also provide Psychological Assessments for a variety of difficulties or curiosities such as: 
Learning Disabilities
School / College Placement 
Behavioral Problems

If your child has gone through a difficult period, you may find that you need someone to talk to - someone who can understand, without judgment or criticism. In addition to helping children through difficult times, I am also available for parent coaching, consultation, co-parenting support, and family therapy. 

Contact me: call: (406) 662-1771